Conceptual Artist Jenny Holzer

Artist Jenny Holzer started her career as an abstract artist then changed her vision to using “TEXT” as art. She now focuses her art on using words and ideas in public spaces.LED signs became her most recognizable medium, however, she also uses text and ideas on  plaques,  signs, stickers, T-shirts, video, light projection and the internet. Originally she wrote her own text, now she uses text written by others. Her work often speaks about power, war, violence, and death.

Here are two projection artworks; Holzer uses a projector to project words onto public buildings to communicate her message.


Check out this Youtube video of Jenny Holzer’s work. Click on the link.

Assignment #1 Answer the following two questions using the blog comment box below, make sure you follow the blogging etiquette posted above the computers.

Describe two interesting facts you learned about the artist and/or artworks she creates.

What makes this artwork interesting to you?

Assignment:  #2 Jenny Holzer lets her art do the talking, you will be creating an artwork using “Text”  to send a message. No not a text message, a message using text. A deeper message about life and our planet. Your message should inspire the viewer to help the planet, go green, recycle, conserve etc. Here is a link to text you can be inspired by create your own test or use someone else’s idea.

You may use black paper and NEON paint to create an LED effect, or you may cut text out of magazines and create an artwork that uses text to send a message to the viewer, or you may do a projection piece using text to be projected on a surface, i.e. wall, whiteboard, etc. (We will use the document camera for this). Think about font size and style and its importance in communicating your message.

A few more images of Jenny Holzer’s powerful works.