Free Time Activities: Great Websites for Aspiring Artists


Well you must have finished your art lesson if you are on the blog, so try some of these cool sites I found. Have fun creating art using technology, it is how most graphic artists work. Graphic artists create CD covers graphics for online and X-Box, Playstation games, T-shirt designs, cereal boxes, and sooooo much more. Once you have explored  few sites write a comment review about your favorite, which one it was and why it was your favorite and tell us what you created.

Ms. Naughton


Op Art and Graphics  Twirl Away and Create Cool 3-D Art.



Self Portrait by Pablo Picasso, he invented the cubist style along with Braque. Cubism focused  on planes, geometric shapes and fragmenting subjects like the planes of a cube. Cubists were  influenced by Tribal lMasks from Africa.


Mr. PicassoHead  Just like Mr. Potatoe head but with a cubism feel.




Painting by Jackson Pollack, drip, flick, dribble technique.


Jackson Pollack Drip, flick, splash and dribble paint to create and expressionistic piece.

Faces and Places in Art  Create Folk Art Style portraits and landscapes to go with them.




Pointillism is a technique of placing small dots of colors next to each other that when viewed  from a distance become an image.


 Pointillism Practice Page  Get to the point, paint with dots of color like Seurat.




Jungle painting by Roussea


Jungle  Go wild and create a Jungle with a mysterious feel the way Rousseau did.

Matisse for Kids click on the Matisse for kids link on the right side.





Painting by Keith Haring


Keith Haring Coloring Book  Jump into Haring’s  fun, creative world of bright images.

Surreal Painter Get surreal and create like Magritte and Dali.






Still Life   Create a beautiful still life like the old masters.