Abstract Art Lesson

Learn  more about abstract art of artist Joan Miro.
Joan Miro (1893-1983) He was a Spanish painter and sculptor who produced colorful abstract and surrealistic works of art during much his life.

Explore this Gallery first, look at Joan Miro’s art, then the interactive NGA Brushster Activity second.

When you have finished respond to the following  by typing a comment.

Write a thoughtful comment (2 sentences) discussing 3 things that make up abstract art and what you like about abstract art.

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9 thoughts on “Abstract Art Lesson

  1. i love to abstract because there is no right or wrong and then if you mess up well you don’t really. Abstract is amazing i love it so much

  2. Abstract Art is cool beause:
    1. There is so many artistic and creative designs!
    2. You can be so cool and make art
    3. It’s your very own peace of Abstract Art that you designed

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